The PP Woven Bags Are A Perfect Solution For All Packaging Requirements

The PP Woven Bags

Are you looking for a packaging that is strong enough to protect the packed items safely and attractive enough to give a compelling look to packaging, which is helpful for the marketing and branding of products?

PP woven bags are impeccable for that. It has all the properties that manufacturers and packaging industry people were hunting for years. It has taken away all challenges of packaging bag makers and has given the industry a versatile solution. Have a look at what ease polypropylene has given to the industry.

Try Out Different Designs – PP woven fabric roll is used for making PP bags and sacks. The fabric is so flexible that it can be molded into any form to make bags and sacks of diverse design. Large size bags, small size bags, sacks, one can manufacture any shape and size of bags, and sacks using this fabric.

Manufacturers also add gussets, handles, pockets, etc. to make it more user-friendly. Therefore, either someone looks for large size spice bags, flour bags, or cattle feed bags, it is possible to make it using PP fabric.

Attractive Appearance – The appearance of packaging bags makes it stand out from the rest. Good appearance catches attention that builds the brand image as well as increases the sale.

Unlike other packagings, it is possible to experiment with polypropylene woven bags’ appearance, because its dyeability property gives makers the freedom to experiment with it. It is possible to dye the fabric in diverse colors, the print brand images on it, but the logo of the product on it, etc.


If someone wants multiple color printing on bags, it is very much possible to do that. Printing of images and tag lines is also possible on versatile PP bags. In fact, in recent times, because of all these reasons, PP woven fabric has emerged as the first pick among manufacturers of different products.

Reusable – The PP woven fabric is not a kind of use and throws material. It can be used more than once to pack the same or different material. When the shape of sacks or bags deforms after use, it can be recycled to make different products.

The reusable property of polypropylene makes it an eco-friendly and user-friendly material as well. Additionally, when pp bags are left in open for a long period of time, it self-decompose causing no accumulation of waste and the formation of hazardous material. It is one of the best materials taking into account its flexibility, creative adherence, and eco-friendly nature.

Cost-Effective Solution – A packaging material unarguably could be called as good if it offers different types of customization flexibility. But the cost is also a factor that plays important role in deciding the worth of material. If the cost of material would be high, all the benefits that the material offers will become under-rated.

Because packaging costs could make the product expensive for the end-users. The best thing about polypropylene fabric is that it is a cost-effective solution. In bulk order, it becomes less expensive. Because of its low price, it does not add much cost to the packaging. This makes manufacturers not to add up packaging cost in the value of the product.

For export also, it is an effective solution. In addition to cost, it is low in weight as well. Low weight means it doesn’t add weight to the packaging. E.g. a 25 Kg spice bag will have almost the same weight as of 25 Kg spice only. There would be a difference of 100-150 grams at the max.
In addition to these three properties, PP woven bags have many other characteristics that make it one of the best packaging materials. The properties are
Its anti-skid surface allows the stacking of bags in the warehouse or at any place.
Its non-reactive to chemical nature make it safe for packing essential commodities that have some kind of chemicals such as fertilizers, manure, cement, etc.